The Most Chill Rider in the ECCC

In the three race weekends we have been able to attend, one thing has become clearly apparent: Blake Hawthorne from Army is the most chill rider in the ECCC. This fact is clearly apparent in the accompanying picture. Note how cool and calm he looks just chillin' there in the peloton, waiting to dominate everyone at the finish. This picture was taken before he unleashed a super chill sprint to win the Men's C circuit in Philly. This weekend on his home turf at West Point he showed just how chill he really is. Before the TTT, when it was like 30 degrees and 50mph winds, Hawthorne could be seen chillin in shorts and a t-shirt with his shaved head uncovered. Then he slaughtered the entire C field in the hill climb on Sunday. This was a foregone conclusion due to the fact that for the past month he had done 100 repeats of the hill every night at midnight. As Steve Derkits put it, "That guy is my hero, I want to Facebook friend him." Feel free to nominate another rider as the most chill rider in the ECCC. Regardless, Blake Hawthorne will win, hands down.


  1. Let's not forget Nick Frey, whose unshakeable smirky poker face makes me suspect he's a robot.

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