Lightly used wheel for sale!

Since the D-riders have lost their fearless leader Steve to C's, I thought I would step up and comment on this past weekend's race. My fellow D-riders and I had a solid showing at Army this past weekend. We placed in the middle of the pack for the TTT (having never practiced). The Circuit and HCTT were more challenging than expected, but congrats to Zack for kicking the rest of our PSU D-rider butts up the hill. As for the Crit... we were spread throughout the pack, and all performed well. Zack sprinted to the front to bring back a break away towards the final laps and finished 17th; Brian and Drew both had solid races to finish in the pack, and I was able to pull out 9th to get my first point of the season.
The success of this weekend has left me feeling the need to upgrade my wheelset for something a little faster, lighter, and more fragile... So I am selling my old front... stiff, lightly used, raced twice, only less than a year old!!! Pictured below (courtesy of Zack Repp)... Let me know if you're interested!

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  1. I buy you a beer in exchange for your wheel and for you being such a bad ass cyclist.