Category C!!

So, this has been a long time coming. As the captain of the C's, I need to create a race report. First, I will briefly highlight the first two weekends.

Rutgers: We had some good racing here and a huge field. Over 90 guys showed up, so they split the fields for the races. Nate Depenbusch graced us with his presence and low sleep. We love racing with Nate. Also in attendance were Andy Mina, Andrew Lloyd, and Keith Groshans. We rode hard in the ITT and Crit on the first day.

On the second day during the circuit race I attempted a very daring strategy. I would ride away from the pack by attacking the corners. I believe that at corner 2 or 3 this strategy failed me as my wheels slid out from underneath me. I did not use my brakes at any point during this turn and I was the first man into the turn, following my original strategy of attacking the corners. I heard from another rider that everyone said things like "eeewww" or "ouch" when the saw me crash. I got up and realized that: a. front wheel wouldn't spin and b. I could not finish the race with blood coming out of various wounds all over my body. In the end, I got to ride to the hospital in an ambulance with the lights flashing. I got six stitches in my chin and had road rash on BOTH hips. So, there it is! o, and it was the first time I wore this stinking kit!!

O yeah, and our results weren't awesome at Rutgers...I think it was the beginning of a trend.

Philly: I was not in attendance for this race, but I can report on the results and a few stories that I heard. Our numbers were down this week, with Andy Mina and Keith Groshan. Andy and Keith rode hard in the circuit and had ample fun doing it! Keith had his best race so far in the Crit. He rode to an 11th place finish. Those 16 miles per day are really paying big dividends!

Army: In attendance were me, Steve Derkits (reinforcement from D's), and Keith Groshans. Our TTT finished 10th out of 15. The effort was at least at a 9th place level, as evidenced when Steve got dropped and puked! The circuit was an exciting race. I can attest, as the first few laps in the field were really fun. I attempted a rear breakaway as I like to call it and finished behind the field. Steve claims my being dropped hindered him... Keith performed a foward breakaway just before the uphill finish, but could not maintain his position and eventually lost a few places.... On Sunday, we started out with a hill climb TT. Steve represented us well, with a hard ride to the top of West Point's campus. Keith and I saved our legs for the Crit... The bad ass guy from Army who Keith mentions below demolished everyone, taking the win in the ITT. The C team is quite impressed by this man. We finished the weekend with a crit. I proudly say that we rode hard and (unlike many other riders on this day) came away physically unscathed. The emotional wounds are pretty deep and I'm going to skip talking about the results. After the crit the C team did some real bonding as we shared a bagel loaded with peanut butter AND nutella. Let's just call it carb loading for Dartmouth in 2 weeks, where we plan to have a good finish. All I have to say to the rest of the C field is: wait until we peak at Easterns.

If you are still reading at this point, kudos to you ,and hopefully this breaks up the monotony that is class.


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