UNH/RIT Easterns

The mountain bikers once again found themselves in New England for the final weekend of collegiate mountain bike racing.  Rainy conditions kept the weekend cold and slippery, and going full send was the only option.  With mountain bike nationals in the near future, Penn Staters put up fierce competition in all categories, and are sitting eighth in the conference.  Here's a brief recap of the individual results: 

Sarah Rutledge:
Cat A XC: 8th
Cat A short track: 8th

Steve Clayton:
Cat A downhill: 13th

Downhill Dan:
Cat A enduro hill climb: 13th
Cat A downhill: 8th

Brandon Endurbro Thomas:
Cat B enduro: 2nd
Cat B enduro climb: 7th
Cat B downhill: 7th

Jake Hanczar:
Cat C enduro climb: 15th
Cat C Enduro: 4th

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