Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals at Snowshoe Mountain

After a long season of going Full Send, three of our riders qualified for collegiate nationals: Steve, Downhill Dan, and Sarah.  The crew arrived at Snowshoe Mountain, WV this past Thursday to scout the courses and prepare for the premier collegiate mountain bike competition.

Temperatures dropped into the 40s on Friday, and frigid rain drenched the course and our heroes.  Sarah raced the short track XC event, and placed 17th.  Afterwards, Downhill Dan and Steve did some practice runs on the downhill course.  

Steve missed his start time for the qualifying downhill race, but our generous friends at USAC let him race anyway.  Dan came in 34th.

The temperature dipped even lower on Saturday, and the overnight snowfall created an additional challenge for the contestants.  Sarah was all smiles racing the XC event, and placed 27th while Steve and Dan cheered from the sidelines.

Steve took a nasty crash during the final downhill race, but still finished the race and placed 28th. Dan took 26th.
Overall, it was a great end collegiate mountain bike season.  Thanks again to all our friends in the ECCC.

     DD sends it

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