4 days to D-day - What to pack for an ECCC Weekend

4 days until Joe Kopena sends off the first rider at the Rutgers ITT. What's in your race bag?

Keep this in mind: If you are going this weekend, expect it to be cold. It might rain. It shouldn't snow, but you never know. And if it's a warm sunny day on race day, you simply managed to get really freakin' lucky.

Here are a few things that I would recommend packing for this coming weekend. Feel free to comment and make suggestions!
  • USA Cycling license (or a printed authorization to ride)
  • Photo ID (If at a military establishment, your college ID won't cut it. Bring your drivers license.)
  • Health insurance card
  • Printed copy of the race flyer. Don't miss your start time or lose the address of the race.
  • Small first aid kit. Band aids, alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, gauze. Man up and shave your legs now or you'll be crying like a baby later when you pull those bandages off.
  • Any speciality tools needed for working on your bike. We will have work stands and tools on hand for minor fixes, but if your bike needs something special... bring it.
  • Helmet. When on your bike at any time at a race location do NOT forget to wear a helmet. Points can and will be docked if you are caught riding a bike without a helmet around the race site. Don't ride around the course backwards, either.
  • A Penn State Cycling Jersey. This is required to race. Either buy one, or borrow one from a fellow club member.
  • A pair of cycling shorts or bibs (either PSU Cycling attire, or plain black shorts will do)
  • Gloves that will keep your hands warm but not hinder motion. Latex gloves work as a great insulator from the cold and the wet when worn underneath lighter gloves if you don't have a pair of waterproof or cold weather gloves.
  • Baselayer material. Cotton t-shirts work just fine if you don't have Under Armor or anything similar. Remember, it's better to be a little too warm, than too cold when racing in cold weather. However, remember when cotton gets wet, it will not keep you warm. Wool or synthetic is best in this case.
  • Armwarmers and legwarmers (easy to make out of a pair of black women's leggings for less than 10 bucks)
  • Toe covers or booties for your shoes
  • Warm clothing to wear when warming up (sweatpants, sweatshirt, jacket)
  • Warm clothing to wear when not racing
  • Safety pins (used for pinning race numbers on)
  • Zip ties (no longer needed for holding Vanya's earth-orbiting techno-blasting Mazda together when re-entering the atmosphere, but they will be used for attaching the race number to your frame).
  • Spare tubes, tires, and chain. And if you're Keith Groshans, a spare frame.
  • Water bottles. And whatever you prefer to drink while riding (water, gatorade, accelerade, etc.)
  • Food to snack on between races. Food is fuel. No fuel? You won't be crushing any souls. Granola bars, cereal, bagels, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, shot bloks, gummi bears, etc. They're all great. Think protein and carbs.
  • Sunglasses are good. Ones with replaceable lenses, even better. Perfect for keeping the sun, wind, road grit, and rain out of your eyes.
  • A towel big enough for you to wrap around you so that you may change into your chamois. Otherwise you'll be crouching behind a car door hoping that nobody sneaks a peek.
  • A roll of toilet paper. Either have your own stash, or you'll be making friends with those who do. Or you could even sell it to those who don't. You just never know when the porta-johns will run out.
  • A proper amount of insanity.
  • Oh, and please don't forget your bike.
Other things to bring:
  • Money. You will need to eat, be sure to chip in for gas money, etc.
  • Sleeping bag. You just might be sleeping on a floor somewhere.
  • Towel. Your host is not expected to provide you with a towel.
  • Toiletries. Nor should they be expected to provide toiletries, either.

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